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Goodman Offers Incentive To Replace HVAC System Early

Posted by AC Contractor on September 15, 2014 at 9:50 PM

Although Goodman has one of the lowest compressor failure rates in the industry, they have offered an incentive for homeowners who have a failed compressor that is still under warranty. In lieu of replacing the compressor, the homeowner is given the option of a $250 discount towards the replacement of the entire system. This will be ideal for homeowners in the Tampa area that have a system that is 8 years or older with a worn compressor. With the hot, humid environment we have in Tampa, air conditioners can break down as early as year 8 of operation. Depending on the air conditioning contractor you call, it can cost well over a thousand dollars to replace a failed compressor. That is a considerable amount of money to sink into a system that will only have a year or two of warranty left and exposure to even greater repair costs. This may give homeowners the excuse they need to upgrade their HVAC system. Below is an excerpt from the promotion announcement.


The Compressor Change-Out Program provides dealers the option of upgrading homeowners with a non-functional compressor in their air conditioner, heat pump or packaged unit (covered under the terms of the original warranty) to a new Goodman brand air conditioner, heat pump or packaged unit at a discounted price.

Here’s how the program works:

1. Once a dealer verifies the homeowner has a non-functional Goodman compressor covered under the terms of the original warranty, the installing dealer can provide the homeowner with the option of a new air conditioner, heat pump or packaged unit at $250 below the dealer’s purchase price from the distributor. This discount applies only to the outdoor or packaged unit cost. It is the dealer’s responsibility to negotiate all additional costs with the homeowner including labor, freight, or any other costs associated with the installation, service, repair or operation of the unit and not covered by the warranty.

The new air conditioner, heat pump or packaged unit will be backed with all standard limited warranties associated with the specific model selected for replacement. All warranties are available exclusively to the original registered owner and his or her spouse provided the unit is installed in an owner-occupied single-family residence. See www.goodmanmfg.com for full warranty details.

2. To qualify, the installing dealer must provide the distributor a completed OUTDOOR/PACKAGED UNIT REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT form. They must also disclose the terms of the program to the homeowner and provide the homeowner with a completed copy of the OUTDOOR/PACKAGED UNIT REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT form.

It is not a requirement that the replacement unit have the same feature set as the non-functional model. The homeowner can opt for an upgraded model or one with a reduced feature set.

To learn more about this promotion or to schedule an estimate for a new air conditioning system installation, call Melo Air today. We have technicians standing by seven days a week.

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