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How do I know if I'm picking a contractor I can trust?

Many people don't realize how important this decision is. Not only can it have a substantial impact on your physical comfort, but can be the difference between thousands of dollars and hours of frustration. While there are sources to get recommendations, we suggest doing your own additional research prior to selecting. If you're wanting reliable contractors, there are only a handful of sources that are less susceptible to bias or advertising.

1. Neighbors, friends and family - This is generally a good source, however, but bad recommendations can happen. This recommendation is often a former technician that is not quite up to speed with the latest technology or codes.

2. Various online review websites. Yelp and Google Places are great because they require some effort to post a review and are able to identify fraudulent testimonials. The BBB is another source to gauge a business.

So, what sort of questions should a homeowner ask their potential HVAC contractor

1. How long have you been in business?

2. Do you have pictures of your work?

3. Do you have any customer testimonials or clients I could reach out to?

4. What sort of written guarantees do you offer?

5. Does your company have a mission statement?

Some other qualities or characteristics of good contractors include:

1. Respecting your home

2. Offering research materials

3. Physical appearance i.e. uniform, name badge, clean

All contractor advertising by law must include their license number. You can search by license number to verify a florida contractor here