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                                             Indoor Air Quality

                                    Harmful Household Products

We've known for quite some time the air inside a building is not as clean outside air. Many building codes now contain provisions that require an amount of fresh air is brought to the inside. Building construction has become increasingly "tight" over the years i.e. while efficiencies are increased, harmful chemicals are also trapped inside and cannot escape. We come into contact with a variety of volatile organic compounds due to many products we use today which include: cleaners, candles, adhesives, incense, potpurri and many others. While some of these may cause "pleasant" odors, make no mistake, they contain harmful chemicals that affect us far more than we realize. Dirty air is difficult to combat because many of the products we use appear to be "clean" and good for us but make the air dirty. Companies can accomplish this through their packaging, by placing blue skies or sunshine on their logos or labels (see photo right). Appears to be safe doesn't it? It has a green label, right? Here is the truth about febreze and lysol kills more than the flu virus! These manufacturers lie and it takes an educated air conditioning contractor to provide equitable solutions.

There are 4 pillars of indoor air quality and they include:

The impact of breathing dirty air can be subtle. It may cause drowsiness, headaches and other general sickness and illness. At the other times it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Contact Melo Air today for an indoor air quality assessment and realize the benefits of breathing clean air.