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New HVAC System Installation

We make air conditioning easy. We have designed 4 packages that cover the spectrum of features based on needs. Some benefits can be traded between packages. If you're not sure about our quality, please check out pictures of our installations.



Good for summer homes, rental properties and tight budgets that don't require much heating. This system heats with electric resistance i.e. much less efficient than a heat pump.
  • 13 SEER
  • Heat Pump for Efficient Heating
  • 10 Years Parts Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Digital Thermostat
  • 1" Filters

Good for summer homes, rental properties and people that only expect to live in their home less than 3 years. This system is a heat pump for increased savings when using the heat function.

This system is good for homeowners that plan on living in their home between 3 and 8 years and will likely realize the cost savings in that time period. This system has extra peace of mind with a full 10 year labor warranty. No repair costs for 10 years!
  • 16 SEER
  • Heat Pump for Efficient Heating
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty
  • 10 Year Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime Compressor Warranty
  • $300 Federal Tax Credit
  • $275* TECO Rebate
  • Wi-Fi enabled Thermostat
  • 4" Air Cleaner
  • Variable Speed Air Handler
  • 2 Stage Compressor
  • Zoned System
  • UV Bulb

This is the ideal system for a consumer that is planning on living in their home for 8 years or longer. In addition to complete peace of mind for the next ten years, this system utilizes a 2 stage compressor for additional energy savings. Use our energy savings calculator to see the difference a 2 stage compressor can have.